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  1. Hey to set it up with magic shortbow setup you can use the preset for easier setup if you want just select the PRESET GEAR drop down box and select MAGIC_SHORTBOW then select LOAD PRESET GEAR & finally just press START the default settings are good and a little randomized on first load so you wont have the same as other users. P.S I suggest playing around with the settings but once you have gotten a better understanding of revs & the script good luck botting.
  2. Thank you for the report i have received your bug info on discord and I am looking into it ASAP.
  3. yeah just use your profile name. EX: saved profile as crabs just put in crabs.
  4. The update didn't change anything to world hopping only how the inventory is setup in the gui & new bank locations supported this is most likely due to the rev caves being very busy lately there are settings you can use but to reduce PVM world hops. I suggest copying these settings below for less world hops. Also disable crash players without long range checkbox if your using as it overrides these settings.
  5. Major Update V1.1.00 New GUI Inventory Easier Setup & More Reliable Ferox Enclave Support New Banking Locations New Wildy Teleport Options Minor Anti-Ban Improvements New Boost Pots Supported Old Files will no longer be loaded or work sorry for the inconvenience this may cause.
  6. Not currently sorry due to it being very rare that a lava dragon account has the agility requirement.
  7. Sorry just been busy lately why late reply. I have added super strength pot as a option thanks for the suggestion 🙂
  8. @Jawsss @on da pip Fixed Sorry for delay was on holidays and laptop wasn't working (Will be buying a new laptop in a few days to prevent this from happening again)
  9. No Scripters don't even have access to account login details.
  10. Options Tab in the GUI there is a option for arrow amount to take it will multiply this setting times the restock trips amount. EX: Arrow to take 750 x Restock Trips 30 = 22,500 it will buy when restocking.
  11. Update V2.5 Accursed/Sceptre Weapon Support Added (New Meta 1M+ HR!!) New GUI Preset Gear Sceptre
  12. To use two mules you need to change the mule ID. Example 2nd mule should have mule ID 2 & all the clients you want to connect to the 2nd mule should have the mule ID changed to 2 pictures below:
  13. UPDATE V1.0.20 Click To Activate Sell Loot Tasks Paint Button Added Close Looting Bag For Wildy Food Checkbox Option (Options Tab) PK Loot Key Support (Includes Selling All The Items Received From PK Loot Key!) Bank At Food Count Option Added
  14. It will attack them when in range of your darts so you don't move of the boss also it will ignore them when boss is under hp% set in GUI
  15. hey thanks for the feedback both orks spots & north demon agilty spots are supported. It will only use them but when you are teleblocked to get away from PKER. sorry I am not following what do you mean discord can affect ban rates can you be a bit more specific please?
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