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  1. Are you able to get a recording of when it loses traps? This isn't enough information for me to go off of unfortunately but I'm happy to investigate further if there's something for me to look in to.
  2. I would like to add guthix rests at some point. If there's demand for decanting potions before selling could add that at some point but not a priority to be honest. Regarding Serum 207s, there's a special 'rapid mode' setting for those you can enable if you want to do them fast. Otherwise, you can pick how you want to combine them.
  3. Just submitted a series of updates to take advantage of the increased ore disintegration time. * Added option to repeat sequence before depositing ore, if time permits (enabled by default now) + option to bank for more dynamite based on expected sequence loops * Custom sequences can now repeat the same rock more than once * Added more default locations * Fixed issue with saving/loading custom locations - your existing ones won't load due to an issue with the old versions * Various minor fixes and enhancements
  4. This script has been updated for the latest game changes! Blast Mine should now be more profitable and gain more experience than ever before! To note the changes by Jagex here: We've visually reworked the area of Blast Mine. Upped XP by ~10% across the board. Lowered the price of Dynamite. Decreased the explosion radius of Dynamite by 1 tile. Increased the Blasted Ore despawn timer. Increased Sack capacity. A new reward from the Kebos Elite Diary increases your chance to obtain higher-tier ores by 10%. Note: * Old custom locations in the script no longer work since everything has moved. * The old pre-set locations have been removed. A single, basic pre-set has been added. Since the update just came out, I'm not sure the most efficient locations are so for now you'll have to experiment yourself by using a custom location (or use the single pre-set added, but it's probably not the best). Pre-sets will be updated as people figure out the most efficient paths for the latest changes.
  5. It can do ranged, but doesn't have any explicit support for venator bow (so no recharging).
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