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  1. You could disable the AFK microbreak settings or set mouse speed to max, but yea it definitely won't be as fast as an expert player. I designed it with a human-like playstyle in mind, but it should perform solidly.
  2. So that method currently just applies to using the home teletabs. Are you an ironman or something?
  3. Disabled some of the webtracking in v1.0678 temporarily, might fix some issues if its causing you deaths.
  4. It is not but the lowest level to make anti-poisons are.
  5. Ah, I apologize but currently the script is not too ironman friendly and is liking support for special weapons like that besides crossbows, blowpipe, and tridents. I can offer you a refund if that was your sole intention for using the script. I plan to add these things soon but I can't give an exact date when yet.
  6. Yes the script is hardcoded by default to prevent to prevent using long range if defence level is 1 and blowpipe requires long range. There is also an option on the GUI as well. Feel free to drop by the discord for more help and information: Official discord: http://discord.gg/yeCVsad
  7. For now you'll have to request a refund in the meantime: https://community.tribot.org/index.php?/forum/78-support-tickets/
  8. So the script has a pretty good sense of how many kills it can do based on its remaining supplies based on millions of previous kill datapoints (see first post on skynet), so that behavior is intended. It will make sure to pick up as much of the loot as it can before it leaves, but not necessarily right away. Sounds like a really rare edge case where there is so many kills or so much loot, I could try to add a guard for this. I'm assuming your inventory was pretty full (maybe melee + bgs?) and acc is near maxxed? I'm assuming at this point he didn't even loot any blue dragonhides and had no food / unable to do another kill right? P.S. feel free to message me on discord (@worthy.osrs) for quicker replies.
  9. There's no way to override the auto gear selector. I do continually update it to ensure that it works in nearly all cases, but as for this very special case I'm not sure if it would be possible. Even if I did allow it to work, gear-wise, I'd have to make some other modifications to make it satisfy not using regular bolts, etc. In any case, please create a refund request here: https://community.tribot.org/index.php?/forum/78-support-tickets/
  10. Sorry was travelling the last few days. I'm easier to reach on discord though (@worthy.osrs) Let me know if you have any unresolved issues. The only requirement for the item is that its within ~50-100 tiles of the portal (so the portal entrance is loaded).
  11. He fixed it already, just restart client to Tribot 12.3.47
  12. Need to wait for Nullable to fix projectiles, broken from game update.
  13. Have you tried recreating the larder preset?
  14. Can you try now in v2.3823? I just sent in an update which should fix that. Surprised nobody has reported it before.
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