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  1. It doesn't support the use of the Bowfa if you're trying to use that weapon. If so I can offer a refund
  2. Well, the script is not tick perfect, nor does it run at max efficiency. Tries to be human-like.
  3. Many things can cause a ban such as proxies, account creation, stats, and-so-forth. If everyone was getting banned after 3 hours, nobody would use the script, but many people currently do. It's a risk you have to take. And no I won't be giving you a free copy. No need to post on all my threads.
  4. It builds at an semi busy human-like pace with the ABC2 delays by default. Need to decrease the duration of those and the frequency. Or make them happen rarely etc, w/ the 2nd GUI tab on setup.
  5. There is usually a friendly message in the Client Debug section on the bottom alerting you as to why the script may have stopped. To avoid getting the "maximum instances or this script has been surpassed" error, always press "Stop script" instead of killing the client. Make sure to never press 'Re-run script', press 'Start script' every time. To fix the error, wait up to 15 minutes, or you may kill the running instance here https://tribot.org/user/instances/ instead Both that being said feel free to drop by the discord for support: https://discord.gg/xyyWpTTg
  6. Can you tell me what item you were building as well?
  7. Are you using hotkeys or not? I'm investing this issue and another user has reported that if you click use hotkeys it fixes the issue in the meantime.
  8. Thanks for the update. Fixed the ID in the preset creation in V2.4. Happy botting!
  9. Updated the script to V2.39 to add support for hedge type bagged plants! Let me know if it doesn't work 🙂 Mahogany tables are definitely well supported. On the paint there is some text in the bottom left corner which will guide you through creating a preset for the item to build by building it once yourself. You just have to build the Majogany table once for the preset to be created. See oak larders for example: https://i.imgur.com/ia7PDrV.mp4
  10. Only the trident of swamp/seas is currently supported as the weapon for the magic set, sorry
  11. This vorkath script is considered 'best by test', not only by its wide usage (already over 70,000,000 kills since release), but by the fact that multiple players have gotten their accounts in the top 25 of osrs vorkath hiscores while using it. Some accounts have gotten 60k+ kills alone, and this happens recently. The mere fact that the user got banned by using the script does not prove that the script caused the ban as there are loads of other factors that could contribute to the ban (proxies, account creation, stats, and-so-forth). Check out the discord for progress reports, people posting pictures of them buying new ATV's and massage chairs when things go well, etc. Official discord: http://discord.gg/yeCVsad
  12. Sang staff is not supported, sorry. You may open up a ticket for a refund here and I will approve it: https://community.tribot.org/index.php?/forum/78-support-tickets/
  13. How to make a preset (just build the item) - important must be done with mouse - not keyboard hotkeys. - Note though that the item must be compromised of planks, bagged plants, nails, marble, or mythical capes. Also note 2 it doesn't support building items inside other items, like making clockworks on crafting table 2, or build toy soldiers/horses. Just supports building and removing regular items. Can provide assistance on discord as well (@worthy.osrs) If you don't want assistance just make a ticket and I'll refund though. To do so make a thread here: https://community.tribot.org/index.php?/forum/78-support-tickets/
  14. If you'd like to explain what's wrong, I can likely tell you how to fix it. Otherwise, make a refund request here and I will approve: https://community.tribot.org/index.php?/forum/78-support-tickets/
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