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  1. We put a lot of effort into account protection through extensive fingerprinting that means that behaviour is varied between every account. Personally, I've not heard "many" people blame this script for bans, it's one of the best money makers in the game so jagex do tend to sweep it. I would not recommend botting any account you care about.
  2. Fair few number of updates this weekend: Fix uncommon issue during egniol dragging Fix CoX prayer unlocking Add selling extra scrolls if prayers are already unlocked Modified muling logic for when mule is in F2P
  3. Can you please make a ticket in our discord with debugs so I can take a look 🙂
  4. You need to follow the recommended configurations to get high success. There is a readme on the discord that you can use that will help you, if you're still having dramas you're welcome to open a ticket. Thanks 🙂
  5. I checked your discord user and it appears like you already have access. check out the gauntlet readme to help with getting better performance 🙂
  6. Likely a proxy issue and not something we can fix on our end
  7. So this happened before the bossfight? Some debugs for this would be really helpful
  8. I've not heard of that happening for a while, can you share debugs when you notice it happening please
  9. Thanks for your kind words. We’ve put a lot of effort into this script and unfortunately the nature of the beast means people will usually be more vocal when there are dramas as opposed to when they are having success.
  10. People will comment when they have issues, not so much when they don't. Here's a proggie from earlier today: Tribot has a refund policy - I suggest having a read through it if you have any questions. https://tribot.org/refund-policy
  11. Perhaps Beg's combat script can do what you need? If not, someone would probably be happy to make you a private that handles your use case.
  12. There's no fix for this currently - it is due to "soft blocking" when jagex requires a captcha to sign in.
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