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Found 5 results

  1. FLAWLESS NIGHTMARE BOSS BOT PHOSANI & NORMAL MODE A Solid FPS & Decent Connection is required. LG is not Supported. Requirements / Recommend Stats Phosani 90+ Melee 90+ Magic 50 Range (Required) Piety Prayer Highly Recommended 43+ Prayer (Required) Ghost Ahoy Quest or A Taste of Hope (Required) Requirements / Recommend Stats Normal 85+ Melee 85+ Magic Piety Prayer Highly Recommended 43+ Prayer (Required) Ghost Ahoy Quest or A Taste of Hope (Required) Features 2m-5m+ GP/HR Based on Rounded Average: OSRS Wiki Killing Phosani Nightmare Restocking Discord Web-hook ( Get Discord Notifications when get a rare drop or script ends) Mulling Iron man/woman support Advanced Anti-Ban (A extreme amount of time went into making sure mechanics were handled with as much anti-ban as possible) Fire Spells Supported With Tome Of Fire (Fire Wave & Fire Surge) Reparing Degradable Gear Supported Imbued Heart Support Pre Potting Support Practical Easy to Use GUI Customizable Gear and Inventory (Supports Automatic Gear Buying) Spec Weapons Supported (Dragon Claws, Granite Maul, Dragon Mace) Blood Fury, Imbued Heart, Trident, Ham Joint, Elder Maul, Sang, Harm Staff,Shadow Staff, Staff of Dead, Smoke Staff, & Scythe Are Supported Plenty of options to suit your preferred play style.
  2. Advanced Anti-PK Net Profit (Minus Trident Ammo, Loot Lost On Death, Food, Fire Spells ETC....) Advanced Custom Anti-Ban Restocking Muling Selling Loot Accursed/Scepter Recharging (New Meta 1m+ Net Profit Hr!!) Looting Bag Support (Will Automatically Loot One & Start Using It) Trident Recharging Tome Of Fire Support Chaos Gauntlets Support Auto Set Spell Attack Style Support Custom Equipment & Inventory 25+ Hit-points 35+ Magic & Chaos Gauntlets or 70+ Magic Accursed Scepter Build Melee is not supported the bot will use safe spots to safely kill the lava dragons. Divine Magic Potion Support(Just add it into your set inventory) Safe Spotting & Custom Safe spots Argument Support (Use Save File Name) Death Handling Drink & Eat Values are generated using my anti-ban sauce Automatic Teleport Item Support(Includes lvl 20 & 30 wildy when banking) Advanced Banking (includes automatic support for x charge of jewelry or dose of potion) Forex Enclave Clan Portal Support And Much More
  3. FLAWLESS WILDERNESS BOSS BOT (ARTIO, CALVARION, SPINDEL & VENENATIS) Recommend Stats Artio 85+ Range 79 Magic (Entangle Spell) 45 Prayer Recommend Stats Calvar'ion 70+ Attack & Strength 70 Prayer (Piety Prayer) Recommend Stats Spindel & Venenatis Melee 80+ Attack & Strength 70 Prayer (Piety Prayer) 30 Range Recommend Stats Spindel Range 80+ Range 45+ Prayer Features 2m+ GP/HR Based on Rounded Average From Osrs Wiki Restocking & Selling Loot Muling Iron Man/Woman Support Advanced Anti-PK (Instant Teleporting , Hopping , Protection Prayers, Fight Back & Much More) Practical Easy to Use GUI Customizable Gear and Inventory (Supports Automatic Gear Buying)
  4. Argument Support(save file name) Grand Exchange 25+ Quest Supported Mid Quest Support Safe spot Support Custom Equipment Death Support Shuffle Your Task List Advanced Custom Anti-Ban Prayer Support Buy Custom Equipment If Missing Walking Breaks ABC 2 Custom Equipment For Each Quest Automatic Attack Style Support For Each Equipment File Buy All Items Required Task And Much More
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