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Python proxy validator


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I decided to put this together over the course of a couple hours one afternoon to alleviate the pain of manually checking proxies before using them to ensure that they were not already blocked by Jagex. I'm not a Python person, so it probably won't contain project conventions that you would typically see in such a project.

This tool will validate the list of proxies that you provide, and generate two files with the results. One file is a csv containing all of the valid proxies in the list provided, formatted to be imported directly into Tribot. The other file is a report type analysis file, letting you know which proxies were valid and which proxies were blocked by Jagex. Right now it only validates authenticated proxies, and only supports reading one proxy string format. 

It's saved me a ton of time when rotating large numbers of proxies. Every rotation I export the proxies from the site, copy them into the proxies file, run the program and I know immediately which ones are the dead proxies to avoid. I figured it might be handy for anyone else looking to validate a large number of proxies against Jagex servers in a short period of time. 

The GitHub contains a README explaining how to setup / run the program with some other information. Let me know if there is anything unclear, and I'll help out where I can.


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