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Tribot in 2024

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A Recap of 2023

The past year has been an interesting one, both for Tribot and botting in general. For Tribot, we kicked off the year with me becoming sole owner. By Spring, we completed our full web overhaul with an entirely new backend, new website, new store, and even new forum implementation. From there, we stabilized a lot of older client features, better secured our ability to update with the game, and refactored a lot of old code.

In fact, much of the work in the middle of the year to the end was not nearly as visible as what we did with the web overhaul. I know that can feel frustrating as a customer, so without going into our future plans just yet, please know that this won't be the case for long.

We finally expanded our development team a few months ago. While we are not at the capacity we were a few years ago, our efforts are a lot more focused and streamlined.


Botting in general has been great. We saw a massive rise in high level PvM botting and account training for that purpose. While we don't have complete stats for the year, I can say for certain that in the past 6 months, you all have botted well over 50 million hours on Tribot. Users of the platform have collectively made trillions of gold this past year alone.

Despite the large focus on bossing scripts, they aren't the only players in town. While our revenant, vorkath, zulrah, and phosani nightmare scripts are all near the top of the charts, we also see plenty of success in scripts like nMercher, nGreenDragons, nMagic, ArkSlayer Pro, Elon Lava Dragons, and more.

Private scripts also show up in the middle of charts, demonstrating some large farms for the few private requests that scripters accept. While I obviously can't go into much detail on these, we can see that private scripts are still relevant for large farmers.


Overall, Tribot is alive and thriving. We have every reason to continue developing and improving things and fully intend on doing so. Thank you all for your participation, support, and interest in what we do and thank you for this great year. Our business is not possible without you.


Our Vision for 2024

We want this year to be more flashy than the previous year. A new backend, serious cost savings, and web reliability were all fantastic efforts we completed last year, but they were boring to customers. And while tasks like that will always be around, we hope that our previous work in reducing overhead can help us focus on more products, more features, and performance improvements that every one of you can tangibly benefit from.

I'll break this down in to a few high level categories.


Scripter Excellence

One of Tribot's current strengths is the scripting team. All of the scripters we have are amazing at what they do and are a large part of where we are today. We have always had relatively strict standards when it comes to who we approve, but that can only carry us so far to achieving high quality. This year I want to get more involved in helping the scripting team improve as well as holding everyone accountable. I've started that process by finally posting an official path to scripter. Hopefully this helps up and coming scripters get involved in our process.

Our regular scripters have had very little changes and oversight in the past few years. This year I'll be doing a regular scripter audit. This means I'll be evaluating all of our normal scripters again similarly to their first application. I'll look at what community scripts they have published, their condition, their activity, etc. Scripters will need to pass this audit or complete follow ups on their assessment in order to remain scripters.

Premium scripters will undergo something similar. Instead of an audit, I will be documenting common issues customers have with scripts, refund requests, and other data I can use to identify premium scripts that may not be up to our standards (don't worry, I'm not blind and know of a couple already). Scripts of this nature will be audited and possibly placed under a quarantine status, where they will remain available for purchase with a large, visible warning and more generous refund policy. They may also possibly be removed from the store if they do not pass the audit and do not have many sales.

Outside of scripter processes, I want to hopefully introduce community script bounties, where scripters can get paid to write community scripts or potentially even premium scripts to help fill in some of the gaps we have. I am not fully certain on this idea yet, though. More details will come. If you are a regular user who can write scripts and are interested in writing small-ish community scripts for tribot store credit, please let me know.

From the client side, I hope to dedicate time to really solving some of the roadblocks scripters have to ensuring quality. After all, a script is only as good as the client powering it. I'll talk more about that in a separate category.

I want to achieve enough quality for you to be as fearless as possible in your purchasing decisions at Tribot, or at the very least well informed.


A New Launcher, Jagex Account Support, and (Potentially) New Client

You may have heard me talk about it on Discord, maybe some rumours, or maybe you've been around so long that you're deaf to this kind of thing at this point (remember TRibot X?). Well, last year I came up with a plan and design to create a new Tribot client incrementally. 

This starts with the launcher. The current launcher and all previous versions have all been meant to, well, launch clients. While that makes sense, it could be so much more. Our vision is a centralized process on your machine that acts as the shared brain among all clients running on your system. We all know how frustrating it is that every individual client process has its own tribot login, its own settings, its own account manager. Our plan is to move everything to a central UI so that you can manage everything centrally. What this means is:

  1. We no longer have to code fragile distributed process synchronization, which means fewer bugs for you.
  2. You no longer have to walk on eggshells when modifying anything while having multiple clients open.
  3. You no longer have to load a game client to change settings.
  4. We have a foundation for new features like bot managers, a better CLI, more stable tribot account credentials, and more.
  5. And most importantly....

Jagex Account Support

With a centralized launcher, we can manage Jagex Account Credentials. Similar to the official game launcher, we can keep a persistent logged in state for (multiple) Jagex Accounts and run clients with them. All you need to do is log in manually one time (similar to the Jagex Launcher), and our launcher will automatically log you in thereafter. The main difference will be that our launcher can manage multiple accounts simultaneously so that you can choose when launching a client. 

What about the new client?

This design is a bridge. It will support the current client and a new client as we develop it. While I cannot promise a new client will exist any time in the foreseeable future, a lot of work has already been put into it. A few months ago I dove deep into the Tribot X code that was developed several years ago and can proudly say we have feasible way forward to create a brand new client with heavily reduced resource usage, significant automation capabilities, and support for all current scripts with a way for it to integrate seamlessly into this new launcher.

Keep an eye on out in our blogs section for development posts I'll likely make on it in the future.


Attention to Longstanding Issues

I understand that a lot of users can point out at least one issue Tribot has had for a long time that annoys them. For example, bossing scripts and wilderness scripts in particular that require fast, precise actions have really encountered pain with some of our old mouse code that was written to be humanlike.

We already have an ongoing effort for experimenting swapping out the mouse code entirely and intend to progress on it this year to the point where can definitively release it or push it to the new client effort.

More immediately, I have already uncovered several performance improvements, particularly with memory usage. Within the next couple months you can expect to see some upgrades to our runtime.

While I'm sure many of you think this will be fixed by a new client, I want to be clear in saying that we are working on these independently of a new client. Pushing everything to a giant, longterm project that may or may not be ever completed is not the right thing to do if we can come up with an alternative. These bug fixes are on our radar for the short and medium term. 

Additionally, I'll be personally going through all of our public and private bug reports to acknowledge them, prioritize them, investigate them, and hopefully solve them or at the very least move them forward. This is not the year bug reports will simply take up space to be dealt with "later". And fitting my vision of flashy changes, I will be focusing my attention on the ones that will most notably impact day-to-day usage of the client.


Wrapping Up

I hope this post provides some transparency into our plans and passion for Tribot. Our work is never done. Keep in mind this is far from the only thing we are working on this year and that this is not a roadmap, but rather a vision to what we want to focus on. As many know, little things are always coming up that need taken care of and sometimes our priorities are swayed by our availability and capacity to handle them. 

I will be writing more blog posts in the coming weeks with a more detailed roadmap and potentially preview of the new launcher/client. If not, at least a development blog showing some progress. 

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