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Hello and welcome to AIO Profiler.

Our Promise to You.

I know how frustrating it is when you see 100's of accounts all looking the same, in the same area doing the exact same activity. Before you know it, all of those accounts are banned and removed from existence.

Due to this, I've decided to make AIO Profiler which will now promise to update and revamp the profiles after 100 sales. Every profile will get a new skill location, training location, new equipment to use etc.




Seller Discord UUID: 320517029553635328


Keep your eyes pealed for this greatness and lets grow together with AIO Profiler.


Lets make botting great again.


Kind regards,

AIO Profiler Team.



- Any profile that is listed with an :mad: are missing requirements as Tribot doesn't support the requirements.
- This means that the profile will be able to reach a certain point before it will stop. This is out of control of myself and we are waiting on Dentist (owner of AIO Account Builder) to add extra features/support. Once/If support has been added to Tribot, I will update the profile ASAP.
- *Disclaimer:* Purchasing a profile does NOT give access to the AIO Account Builder script. Please purchase the script on the official Tribot website here: https://tribot.org/store/products/6-AIO-Account-Builder.


Package Deal:

  • You can purchase a Lifetime Profile Access rank which will grant you unlimited access to all existing profiles.
  • Having Lifetime Profile Access rank will also provide you with a 50% discount on custom made profiles.

The Lifetime rank is a one time payment which is 200$.

Accepted Payment methods:
Paypal, Crypto (LTC, BTC, ETH), GP, Wise

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Removed discord links.

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Currently running a 15% discount on lifetime deal (bundle offer) for 1 week.


I've just released a ton of new profiles which are available to purchase at a discounted rate to say thank you for the support so far

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Removed discord link - no discord links allowed.

Want to view my scripts? Search "Jamie" in the repository!

If you need support, you can join my support discord by clicking the link below or sending me a PM. :)


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