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Do these scripts exist?


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Hey guys, as an Ironman there’s not a lot of scripts with skills that I have resources for, or would prefer if the script for the skill had pre-built in scripts that could help? Or if anyone is willing to make one, it might be popular for ironmen.

such as: the back and forth grind in the woodcutting guild buying planks for logs. (That currently to me is priceless for construction).

yanille sand bucket runs to the bank for crafting. As well as world hopping buying soda ash and using the deposit box in port sarim for crafting.

A combat script for blue dragons at taverly safe spotting and collecting dragon bones and banking (added bonus if it supports the agility shortcut) would also be super useful. 

If anybody has these scripts or would make them, message me and I’d pay for it, thank you! 

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Hey Bueno

I can make you a woodcutting guild script, what are you requirements? 

I'm not allowed to sell private scripts as I'm not a premium scripter, I will just give you the script. If you enjoy it you can just buy my a Coffee 🙂
Im sure that not against the rules, any if it one of the staff members please let me know

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Hey man that’s really kind of you, I found an auto planker for the woodcutting guild, after some looking into, I appreciate it though another friend 🖤

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