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What We're Working On #1 - 03/30/2024


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In addition to the roadmap and official announcements, I thought I'd add another blog category for talking about incremental progress that isn't as visible. For those who saw the 2024 update in the announcements, those items listed are exactly what I'm working on.

Stability is at the forefront of efforts currently and much of that is going to be enabled by the new launcher that I'm sure you've heard me talk about before. Stability means different things for different people. For some people, the most important stability issue is mouse movement inconsistencies. For others, it's script instancing. For others, downloads. And for others, it's jagex account support. For some it's even that the current launcher downloads don't behave properly with their machine/ISP. 

Our current efforts are on fixing all of these holistically. We're always looking quick wins but we also need to pay off years of technical debt.


New Tribot Launcher

I've talked about this a lot in the past. I'm proud to say we're currently allowing some MacOS users the ability to beta test a very light version of it to tackle the jagex account issues. But also, I'm working on a solution that can benefit everyone.



The overall idea is to start moving features from the client itself into a constantly running launcher. By having the account manager here, it will make it much easier to... well... manage accounts. This is especially important for Jagex Accounts. 

The idea behind this is to make the account manager easy to use whether you have 1 account or 5000 accounts.


What's done so far:

  • Vastly improved persistent (local) storage for jagex accounts, regular accounts, characters, proxies, and client settings
  • Bidirectional communication between the new launcher and Tribot clients
  • Launcher that gets minimized to the taskbar properly on all systems, and only takes <10mb of RAM while running in the background.
  • Jagex account login support with the ability to store the session such that re-login is not required.


What's left:

  • Bulk launch support
  • Data import
  • Auto-updates
  • Polishing


Once those items are done, we can have a full 1.0 release to replace old launcher. From there, we can expand into real bot farm management and automation features.


About script downloading issues

Over the past couple months, a lot of users have had intermittent issues with downloading scripts and client updates. It seems like lately there's been a lot of service degradation with our CDN hosting, which is unfortunate.

I plan on creating a custom download server that handle caching and secure downloads better. I also plan on hosting launcher dependencies locally or through github as the regular servers for those also don't always perform adequately. 


A new tribot client?

I actually made a ton of progress on a new client a couple months ago. Full hook support, a fast and stable mouse, keyboard input, much lower resource usage, etc. I'm putting this work on the backburner to focus on the launcher, but am hoping to pick it up in the next couple months. It's an enormous amount of work to make a new client that supports so many scripts that use APIs made over a decade ago, but we're finally at a point where the path forward is clear enough to realistically achieve it. 


We have no shortage of ideas on how to make the best OSRS bot possible. But technical debt makes it difficult to make these ideas come to life. We brought forward a ton of new features last year by paying off our server side tech debt, and we plan on doing that this year with the client. Once the new launcher is further along, I'll be writing a dev blog with all the technical details.

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The new launcher UI looks dope. I like the tags too which is great and very useful for me. 


Great work once again 

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4 hours ago, Oogle said:

The new launcher UI looks dope. I like the tags too which is great and very useful for me. 


Great work once again 

Good to hear. I'm making it so that the launcher will also keep track of character stats, quest completion, bank contents, location, etc so that organization is a lot easier. This will also eventually lead into advanced automation features.

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