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Polymorphic Intro


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Hello Tribot Community!

I am excited to finally introduce myself here formally. My name is Polymorphic, and I am a graduate of Software Engineering from a renowned college in Ontario. My passion for boolean/logic math during my academic years paved the way for my interest in scripting. Being able to comprehend and manipulate logic gates and conditional statements with ease made scripting not just an extension of my studies, but a hobby I thoroughly enjoy.

In my day job, I work with circuits, designing and implementing circuit gates. This, coupled with my scripting hobby, gives me a unique perspective on both the hardware and software aspects of technology. It's fascinating to see how my work with physical circuits parallels the logical flow of the scripts I write, further enhancing my understanding and skill in both domains.

Over the years, I've come to appreciate the sense of accomplishment that comes from solving complex problems and watching my scripts come to life, performing tasks autonomously.

Looking forward to engaging discussions, collaborative problem-solving, and hopefully, making a few friends along the way.

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