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Auto Ore Chipper - Free | Flawless OSRS Mining Bot | Custom Rocks | Superior Anti-Ban | Progressive


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Introducing the Ore Chipper. This isn't just any script - it's a high-quality script that i'm offering for FREE. My goal has always been to enhance the player experience and provide value. I believe that the Ore Chipper stands out not only because of its functionality but also due to its commitment to user safety and efficiency.


  1. Custom Rocks:

    • Customize your mining experience! Whether it's a specific rock you've got your eye on or a strategic path you want to carve, my script adapts to your preferences. You're not restricted to predefined locations.
  2. Advanced Anti-Ban Mechanisms:

    • Safety first! I've implemented advanced anti-ban measures that are unparalleled in their sophistication. Say goodbye to repetitive, bot-like patterns.
    • Player Behavior Profiles: Your bot won't just be a clone. With behavior profiles, each bot has its own 'personality' and habits, making it even harder for detection mechanisms to flag your account.
  3. Sleek Paint:

    • Track your progress and stats with my sleek, intuitive, and user-friendly paint interface. Whether you're a visual person or someone who likes to see the numbers go up, my interface has got you covered.

Mining is a beloved skill, a testament to a player's patience and diligence. With the Ore Chipper, I hope to make the journey more enjoyable and efficient.





Download Link: Auto Ore Chipper Script

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