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ARKRoguesChest Pro | Loots the Rogue's Chests in the Wilderness | 700k-1.8m gp/hour | 200k+ Thieving XP/hour | Advanced Antiban and Predictions | Muling


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Loots the Rogue’s Chests in the Deep Wilderness for Huge Thieving Experience and Profit.


The Rogue’s Chests are three lootable chests in ~ Level 54 Wilderness which give plentiful resource drops and huge XP rewards to those brave enough to thieve from them.


  • 200k+ Thieving XP/hour.
  • 700k to 1.8m+ GP/hour, account-dependent.



  • Two methods of escaping PKers:
    • PKer Escape Mode: Escape using the staircase PVP switching method to wait out the combat timeout.
      • Recommended.
    • PVM Death Mode: Suicide immediately by turning off prayer/chest spamming.
      • Smart health management to keep health as low as possible at all times – no rock cake or locator orb needed.
  • Two methods of navigating to the chests:
    • Edgeville Wilderness Lever (no requirements).
    • Annakarl Teletab (requires completion of Desert Treasure 1).
  • Human-like and efficient chest-looting with next-chest prediction and optimised humanisation features.
  • Fully customisable food and potion options:
    • Supports multiple prayer replenishment potion options.
    • Supports multiple food options.
    • Supports stamina potions.
  • Supports any equipment you wish with automatic gear purchasing if needed.
  • Supports using the Protect Item prayer.
  • Smart anti-PK system with blacklisting of known PKers for faster reaction times.
  • Supports user-defined banking thresholds based on total loot for the current run to optimise risk.
  • Automatic Grand Exchange Restocking.
  • Automatic Loot Selling.
  • Automatic Potion and Jewellery Decanting.
  • Automatic Bonding, including from F2P.
  • Discord Webhook support.
  • Supports Muling with ARKMule, a free community script.
  • ARKScripts Advanced Antiban and Anti-profiling System:
    • Take advantage of the cutting-edge in Antiban – every account running ARKScripts runs differently, from preferring to rotate the camera as though you’re left-handed, to how your account equips items.
    • In-built circadian-cycle fatigue system – your account’s reaction times fluctuate with usage time, simulating a real human becoming tired and refreshed again based on real circadian data.
    • Adaptive microbreaking system – break the patterns with smart microbreaks designed to simulate lapses in concentration like a real human.


Minimum Requirements:

  • 84 Thieving – Easily achievable from level 1 with ARKSorceress Pro in just one-click.
  • 43 Prayer.


Recommendations For Optimal XP and GP/hour:

  • More than 28 HP to not be 1-shot by the Chaos Elemental.
  • High Combat Stats to tank PKers.
    • High Hitpoints is very valuable.
    • High Ranged for Magic Defence armours and High Mage for Mage Defence are also valuable.
  • The Medium Wilderness Diary gives 33% bonus loot.
    • ARKRoguesChest Pro comes with ARKWildyDiary Pro Rogue’s Chest Edition – ARKWildyDiary Pro will complete the Easy and Medium diaries for your automatically!
    • Please note: The version of ARKWildyDiary Pro that comes with this script only works if your account has the minimum requirements for ARKRoguesChest Pro (84 Thieving). Please do not purchase this for your Wilderness Boss accounts.
  • The Hard Wilderness Diary gives a further 25% bonus loot.


Progress Reports:



Where can I get this?

This script can be purchased on the TRiBot Store!




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