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Nullable's Introduction

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Hello everyone,

I've been a member of Tribot for over 10 years now. I joined in early 2013 shortly after the release of OSRS. I was in high school at that point and had done a very small amount of RS bot scripting for RS2 and programming in general, and knew the potential of having my own scripting business. Tribot was (and still is) the best client around. I became a scripter soon after joining, learning how to code along the way.

I left Tribot for about 2 years during college due to lack of time, but came back in 2017 after I graduated and found a job as a full time software engineer. In 2018, I became a part time developer for Tribot. After years of helping improve Tribot, @TRiLeZ left the business to @Encoded and I. As of now, I'm the sole owner of Tribot.

I still work as a professional software engineer in the US, working primarily on distributed web systems for SaaS. While I don't always have the most free time, I enjoy running Tribot as a business and software product.

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