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  1. Current favorite script is @Ark GOTR. Looking forward to @Jamie thieving release. Edit: Have to also throw in @SkrrtNick and @Breaker CG script for obvious reasons.
  2. @Laniax Having issues while doing blackjacking. When someone else shows up in the same world and starts blackjacking the bot does worldhop and will sit outside the house for minutes without hopping or moving. Sat there for a solid 25 minutes until I manually interfered and hopped to find a empty world.
  3. @SkrrtNick The bot keeps crashing with the following client debug. Has happened to me since yesterday.
  4. Stayed at CG the whole time and ran for 18-20 hours a day. No breaks.
  5. I got to 2.1k KC and got a 2-day ban. But like @SkrrtNick says I botted it with the assumption a ban was coming lol so no love lost. I'll be back at it this afternoon when I get unbanned.
  6. For sure appreciate it brother. 89 hunter so far.
  7. I have not used a community script as of yet. Strictly premium scripts.
  8. MiamiErik


    Copy that. I'll wait on the release then because chins is nuts.
  9. MiamiErik


    @Dentist Any intention on reviving this script? Just curious. Would be interested to get away from chins and do this instead.
  10. @Nullable Sorry I'm posting here to not create a whole thread or bomb you on Discord. But is there anyway that we are allowed to edit our created threads without limits. For example I created that little progress log but I can't edit the original post to add the new pictures so it leads to me posting the updates as opposed to it being on the OP.
  11. wBot damn you brought back some good memories haha. Glad to see you're still around regardless. Hopefully an update comes along that gets you back into putting out some scripts.
  12. Shit I just noticed you added that along with stop after round. Awesome little additions. Below is my current prog:
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