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Whether you're an Iron Man looking to finally complete your Hunllef grind, or a farmer looking to make some serious gp, this script will have you covered.

By @Breaker and @SkrrtNick

Song of the Elves 
80 ranged - with rigour (85-90 without)
80 mage - with augury  (85-90 without)

Low Ping (<100) and High FPS (30+)

Cox Prayers (Rigour and Augury)
70+ Prayer
Decent melee stats (at least 70 def)

Regular and Corrupted Mode 
Advanced player preference system; ensuring no two accounts share the same play style
Highly customisable
Supports travel methods
GE integration including selling conditions
Stop conditions
After round actions (including idling and alching)
Intelligent world hopping
Webhook integration, so you can stay up to date with your bots

Re-bonding your accounts (beta)


Activate Here

For information on how to use the script, there is an extensive readme available in my discord server.
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In order to login to the new forum you have to clear your tribot cookies. Watch the video below how to do this.
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Hello everyone,

If you've been around Tribot's community for some time, you've probably notice we have been operating primarily on Discord for the majority of our communication, discussion, etc. This has lead to the forums becoming quite stale, both in terms of discussion and useful content.

This is a shame, because forums are a great way to organization information and discussion. We've noticed a lot of repetition in discord because the topics get lost fast. With all that in mind, I decided it's time for an overhaul. Here is a list of changes to the forum:

I removed the old forums entirely. What you're seeing now is a new forum with new infrastructure. Most important threads along with users who posted in them have been migrated, but not everyone. You'll need to re-set your profile pictures. This was done to give us a much better integration with the rest of the new repo/store/website.

Completely reorganized sections

More discussion forums

Updated tutorials

A market section

So please, set your profile pictures, update your signatures, post an introduction, and post a friendly message in your favorite premium script thread!

I hope you all enjoy a modern, clean forum experience. This is not going to replace discord, of course, but from now on we'll be treating the forums as a first class citizen again. In celebration, I will be giving away 100m OSGP to 3 random VIP users (meaning you've purchased Tribot Standard/Premium) who reply to this thread by June 14th!

Happy botting! 🙂
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