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  1. Having an issue with teleport methode. I for example choose a teletab for locations like draynor, and instead it uses a skill necklace making it lose charges and it cant get to the farming guild anymore. Also more often then not, it doesnt even take out a skill necklace and ends up using tabs for all locations and again cant get to farming guild.
  2. sever0o


    @Dentist Could you please add the following to the script. I bought it thinking it had these features, but unfortunatly it does not. Use of strange locks for doors POH nexus barrows teleport methode Saturated heart use
  3. sever0o


    has the use of POH pool after TP been added yet? also does it support POH nexus barrows teleport? Would like 2 know before purchase 😛
  4. Id like to try the new Muspah scipt 🙂 make them bills
  5. Greetings, unfortunately the script does not support the methode i would like to be using. If you could please add the following: saturated heart support barrows teleport with nexus in POH pool usage to restore skills in POH If this is not possible, could i please get a refund on the script
  6. Is having 70 defence a must? Or could this be done on a maxed pure aswell? Or thats not worth it?
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